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Our Mission

Premier Bundles is a leading bundle deal *Ecosystem Marketing company. We curate premium collections of tools, training, and resources to help our customers achieve great outcomes in record time.  We make your time and money count.

Our Team

Dan Riordan


Entrepreneur, father, nature lover and very poor golfer.  

Dan spent years in the Start-Up world of Silicon Valley. Seeing the trends of how hard the Go To Market process is for smaller brands. Dan has built several brands using the Ecosystem Marketing concepts, the last one being ThinkHR.com.  When Dan partnered with Mike, a new path was formed into the bundling for summits and communities. Dan is focused and passionate about helping people ask better questions and bringing high quality teaching, information and resources to those searching for a way to help them question and learn. He lives in Northern California and spends is down time kayaking and playing PickelBall!

Mike Collins


Serial entrepreneur, health nut, long-distance walker, and finder of very cool things.                        

He has narrowed down the multitude of things he has done in his career to just two things - he’s a simplifier and a good finder. An obsessive researcher, he’s capable of ingesting insane amounts of information and distilling it down to its actionable essence… He finds good deals, people, communities, information, trends, and breakthroughs that have helped himself and others move forward in their lives. He’s passionate about the feeling that happens when “the light bulb” goes on for someone he shares info with. It has led him to curate the overwhelming ocean of information that is the Internet in 3 separate industries - earning him the nickname The Constant Curator. And he sucks at golf - but likes it.

Tanner Pavilonis


Marketer, Copywriter, and Below Average Golfer.                 

Tanner has spent his career helping entrepreneurs improve their sales copy, sales funnels, and all things related to online marketing. During his self-education journey he fell into the same trap many others fall into… information overload. He quickly found there to be endless information out there but only a small percentage of it to be truly valuable. So after hours & hours of searching through all sorts of products in multiple different niches just to find a few needles in the haystack, he came to the conclusion that curated bundles with ONLY premium information could save everyone, including himself, endless hours of work. He’s originally from Boston, MA but currently resides in Nashville TN where he continues to be a below average golfer.

The Number #1 Ecosystem Marketing Team

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