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Each Bundle we assemble 40+ Experts around a market niche.  These bundles include products, courses and master classes into one Stack of information. By creating bundles of solutions around key topics People are solving for, Premier Bundles creates the ultimate win/win.  An ecossytem that solves problems and creates trust for customers.

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Why Do These Ecosystems work?

Customers have information fatigue. They are looking to trusted influencers and communities to help them make decisions and purchases. They want a seamless experience that fits the rhythms and patterns of their own lives, rather than being bombarded with attempts to sell them one by one. Premier Bundles have the power to combine the best of the digital world in all its scale and efficiency with the best of the organic, human world of rich, deep, overlapping networks and nodes of trust.

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Imagine thousands of users downloading your book, enrolling in your online course, or creating a new account to use your software or app. Okay, now stop imagining and instead join one of our upcoming premier bundle campaigns so you can experience it firsthand. 

With Infostack, you can engage with hundreds to thousands of new readers, students, and users from one 8 day campaign. 

Not only does this mean you’ll be able to help more people with your superpower, it can also lead to some serious list growth in a very short period of time!

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Annika Darling has over 3 years of helping create wins for partners.

She is available to help you make as many wins as possible.

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